Preparation Compounds ~ Primers

Below you will find the products we regularly stock and have ready to ship out. Follow the links for Material Data Safety Sheets, Direction for the use of the product, and the manufactures complete catolgue - for special order needs.



FEATHERCRETE® is an ultra fine textured, latex modified cement based patch. FEATHERCRETE® may be used to skim or fill most substrates without priming or the use of additives. FEATHERCRETE® is creamy and smooth spreading to provide a superior finish for the installation of most any floor covering, including sheet vinyl.


SKIMCRETE® XL is a fast drying, fast cover, latex modified, blended cement patch. This trowelable product is adhesive friendly, having the lowest alkalinity of blended cement patches to meet or exceed requirements of adhesive manufacturers. It is fast drying yet it has an extra long pot life, extending your opportunities, not delaying your finish. SKIMCRETE® XL is easy to work with on virtually any interior surface.


SKIMFLOW® ES is a modern formula Portland and Aluminate cement based self-leveling underlayment, which is fortified with latex polymer used to level or smooth most properly prepared substrates. Extended working time (30-45 minutes) allows a more consistent finish by alleviating seams or cold joints, which may occur when using products having less working time. It leaves a finished surface, which can withstand temporary construction traffic, that is ideal for most floor covering systems.


SKIMCRETE® CP is a high performance repair mortar. SKIMCRETE® CP is easy to work with and is compatible with both interior and exterior applications. With its capability to withstand extreme temperatures SKIMCRETE® CP is ideal for fast track projects in high traffic areas including streets and truck docks. SKIMCRETE® CP is open to standard traffic within 4 hours of application and can be applied as thin as 1/4”.

Merkrete Fracture Guard 7000

Merkrete Fracture Guard 7000 is the first liquid applied membrane to provide crack isolation up to 3/8''. It offers maximum protection for your tile and stone installation by inhibiting the transfer of cracks from the substrate to the ceramic, porcelain or stone tile. It is ultra-flexible with an elongation over 1000%.



WHITE LATEX LIQUID® is formulated for use with DEPENDABLEWHITE SKIMCOAT™ Underlayment, it provides greater adhesion, water resistance, flexibility and mildewcide protection. It may be used as an additive with SKIMCRETE® XL and other DEPENDABLE trowelable products wherever a non re-emulsifiable latex primer or additive is required. It also may be used as a primer over textured or smooth metal surfaces, adhesive residues, or under leveling products used in exterior applications under certain circumstances in accordance with specific instructions.


PRIMER SL™ is a re-emulsifiable latex based primer compatible with the latex in Dependable’s self leveling underlayments and toppings used to prepare interior floors. Used on all surfaces with Dependable self leveling materials at full strength to maintain warranties.


ACRYLIC EMBOSSING ADDITIVE™ is an acrylic latex admixture and primer developed for use with all DEPENDABLE trowel applied products. It is used in difficult adhesion circumstances, including over cushioned and non-cushioned embossed vinyl, vinyl tile and urethane wear layer vinyls. As an additive, it provides extraordinary flexibility and bond to virtually all substrates. As a primer, it has high resistance to oil based bleed through (such as cutback adhesive residues) and to water migration.

Hydro Guard 1

Hydro Guard 1 is a single component waterproofing system that does not require the use of fabric reinforcement. Hydro Guard 1 is the economic waterproofing solution for residential and light commercial demands.

Grout Sealer

Grout Sealer is a penetrating silicone sealer for new or old portland cement grout. It is a water-based, silicone resin designed to protect grout surfaces from stains and water. It is also recommended for concrete, porous stone and masonry surfaces. It quickly penetrates, producing a sub-surface hydrophobic reaction below the surface. It does not change most surfaces, leaving a natural look.