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Below you will find the tools we feel are the best for the flooring job at hand and would like to showcase. As with other industries, there are more tools for the job then one supplier can fit into their showroom, so please download the manufactures complete catolgue - for special order needs.


Gundlach 10-66 18in. Pro Flooring Cutter

Great for Laminate installation, the !0-66 cuts Carpet Tile, Wood Planks and flooring up to 18" wide 12" diagonal and 5/8" thick Extendible handle provides extra leverage for more cutting power with less effort Cutting guide swivels for angle cuts and is adjustable to maintain perfect 90° cuts Replaceable, resharpenable 4mm thick tungsten blade 10-466 18" tungsten Carbide Rep. Blade
Applications - Laminate & Engineered Wood Flooring - Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl Sliding - VCT Tile - Parquet - Rubber - Foam - PVC and more


FEIN Power Tools offers the most advanced oscillation tool available with fast cutting vibration damping technology and quiet operation. This tool can degrout ceramic tile without damage to adjacent tile, undercut door jambs and floor mouldings, replace a ceramic tile, scrape beneath toe space areas, or sand completely into a corner all by merely changing the accessory.

Grex 2116AD - 22 Gauge 3/16" Crown Stapler

2116AD - 22 Gauge 3/16" Crown Stapler Dollhouses, miniature structures, replicas, architectural model building, upholstery and much more, the GREX 2116AD drives thin-wire 22-gauge 3/16" crown staples with lengths ranging from 3/16" to 5/8". The 2116AD finish stapler has a 3/16" crown, recommended for projects where nail heads are too small and might slip through the material. The 2116AD is built for speed of production, ergonomics and convenience: Patented trigger valve for fast-air-recycling time, quick release magazine, compact with a slim profile, and a powerful lightweight industrial strength design.

Grex 9032F - Wood-Laminate Flooring Stapler

9032F - Wood-Laminate Flooring Stapler One tool, two functions (Flooring stapler / Conventional narrow crown stapler). Engineered with function, longevity, and serviceability in mind, the GREX 9032F flooring stapler has one more highly desired attribute...convenience. The 9032F is packaged with a quick release flooring shoe and a quick release nose cover. The quick release nose cover lets the operator conveniently convert the 9032F from a flooring stapler to a narrow crown stapler. No special fasteners needed. Yet another convenience, the GREX 9032F flooring stapler uses common 18-gauge 1/4" narrow crown staples. Compact and powerful, no adjustment necessary, the 9032F installs hardwood, engineered and laminate flooring from 3/8" to 1/2" in thickness. The 9032F is a convenient two-in-one tool.

Grex MS1250 - Pneumatic Flooring Stapler

MS1250 - Pneumatic Flooring Stapler For flooring needs, GREX has you covered. A pneumatic high-speed mallet-actuated flooring stapler, the GREX MS1250 adjusts from 1/2" to 1" thick hardwood flooring. Easily align and drive staples at a 45° angle to quickly and accurately fasten flooring. What's more, for convenience, the GREX MS1250 drives common readily available 1" to 2" length, 1/2" crown, 15-15.5 gauge staples. Inside the handy carrying case, the MS1250 comes complete with no-mar adjusting plates and a rubber actuation mallet. The MS1250 also features a long reach handle for improved handling, comfort and convenience.

Grex AF64 - 15 Gauge 2 1/2" Length Angled Finish Nailer

AF64 - 15 Gauge 2 1/2" Length Angled Finish Nailer The powerful GREX AF64 motor easily drives 15-gauge brad nails from 1" to 2 1/2" in length into hardwood. Additionally, the adjustable depth of drive feature allows fasteners to be flush with the surface or countersunk. The GREX AF64 angled finish nailer is an excellent workhorse. From cabinetry to door and window casings to light wood assembly, the angled design allows access to tight corners and detailed areas. The AF64 has many admirable features: Ergonomic comfort handgrip; a contact safety with no-mar tip; 360° adjustable exhaust; depth-of-drive adjustment; durable aluminum magazine; and rear loading for fast continuous reloads. Your GREX is engineered and designed for years of continuous use and years of maintenance and technical support. GREX tools are built with all-day-use, longevity and serviceability in mind. Ergonomically conscious, the GREX AF64 body is lightweight aluminum encouraging all day continuous use. Quality conscious, the internal piston, cylinder and firing valve are precision machined aluminum.

Grex 1850GB - 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer - Green Buddy™

1850GB - 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer - Green Buddy™ We admit it. The 18-gauge brad nailer is the most "go-to" nailer you will own. Today, how many nailers are all metal? Sporting precision machined aluminum (not plastic) internal parts and magazine, and a hardened steel Posit-Lock™ nose cover. What is Posit-Lock™ - it's tight tolerance, durability and functionality that reduces jams to a minimum. Your GREX is engineered and designed for years of continuous use and years of maintenance and technical support. Presenting the GREX Green Buddy™, a game changer in a very serious game. From trim carpentry to cabinetry, the Green Buddy™ is the differentiator as you rise to the top of your trade. In the pursuit of excellence, we use precision engineering when designing function, serviceability and safety into the Green Buddy™. If you’re looking for precision, performance and dependability, the GREX Green Buddy™ 18-gauge brad nailer is your solution.

Roberts Locking Mini-Stretcher with Case

A unique tool used for aligning pattern deviations when installing glue down carpets. The key is the innovative Ratchet Lock System, which will lock the pin plates in position each 1/4" of travel. This means that during seam repairs or when 'stretching in' carpets, the stretcher will remain in a locked position, allowing both hands free for repairing the seam or tucking the carpet. The Ratched Lock can be easily turned off by rotating the control knob. In the 'off' position, the stretcher operates freely. The swivel design allows directional stretching for correction of bow, skew, pattern elongation and compression of gapped seams for alignment and repair. Each head has six nap grip inserts and a pin plate assembly with 24 adjustable pins for different pile heights. With the tail blade attached, you can stretch in close quarters, restretch, or stretch in rooms where it is impossible to brace a tail block against a wall. Because the swivel tail blade fits over the tackless strip, stretching can be done in any direction. Has a solid die cast aluminum body for years of dependable service. Comes complete with stretcher, power head unit, tail blade and plastic carrying case. Weighs 20 lbs.

Roberts 10-282G-2 Deluxe Heat Bond Iron

This best selling Heat Bond Iron is the first choice of professionals worldwide. Streamlined, low profile design allows for easy carpet seaming, even heat distribution for thorough melting, heat shield to prevent backings from overheating, non-stick coated for fast, easy clean-up "Comb Profile" forms ridges in adhesive for stronger carpet seams, 3-way cord guide keeps cord out of the way, stay-cool handle and up-front thermostat make it easy to use, approximate heat range 135°F to 425°F.

Roberts 10-412-2 Deluxe Knee Kicker

The 10-412 Deluxe Knee Kicker is Roberts' most popular knee kicker and has been the "industry standard" for over 25 years. Trigger assembly easily adjusts the length from 17" to 21", superior die cast aluminum body is lightweight and durable, exclusive non-slip checkered hand grip, foam-filled seamless bumper pad for extra comfort, easy to read and easy to adjust pin depth dial, center grooved head for adjusting power stretcher head.

A Plethora of Handtools

We stock a plethora of handtools from Olfa, Gundlach, Brutus, Roberts and more. We carry drillbits and saw blades from Bosh, wet-saw blades from Brutus as well as the full line of Richards Spreads and Vesablade Trowels. While walking through our isles, you will find Stair Tools Chisels, carpet pullers, tile spacers and caulking guns. Come on down and take a look!